cinema Palestino

Sheffield's 8th Palestinian Film Season Nov 2016

Flying paper – Sunday December 1, 3.45 pm

Directed by Nitin Sawney and Rger Hill, the film opens in the small village of Seifa in the northern border area of the Gaza Strip with Israel. Two young girls fly a handmade paper kite down the road leading to their village. Musa a 14 year old boy and unofficial leader of the village youth calls for one of his cousins to run off and gather the paper and flour paste needed to construct a kite. Musa and his wise-cracking sister Widad begin the construction of a newspaper kite while the children of the village sing and watch eagerly. Upon construction the kite is launched, but crashes hard on a nearby pole above a cactus plant. The kite is ruined, but Musa and Widad are undeterred, Widad challenges Musa to a build-off to determine who is the best kite maker in the family, the stakes of the sibling rivalry are set. Tomorrow they will split into teams, build kites, and challenge each other at Waha Beach at sunset to determine whose kite reigns supreme.