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Sheffield's 8th Palestinian Film Season Nov 2016

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Having just seen Five Broken Cameras again, i am really looking forward to this festival in November.

There is a buzz at the moment around Palestinian culture in general and film in particular. The success of Omar, winning the Cannes Jury Prize, has contrbuted to that; there is also a growing confidence that people out there will listen. The Sara Irvings EI blog post gives us an indication of how much is happening. (Unfortunaletly she left us out – maybe next time Sara!)

Currently making their way to the Showroom’s screen are:

Friday November 29, 6.30pm ART: VIOLENCE 
Sunday December 1, 3.45 pm FLYING PAPER
Sunday December 1, 6 pm A WORLD NOT OURS
Sunday night the festival will close with food and music; so watch this space for more……

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